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Start watching your videos, listening to your audio or viewing your pictures, and opening your work documents, all for FREE! Our software works on any Windows® based system to help you quickly and easily open over 80 file types. No other software is needed!
Free Opener Support
General Inquiries
EZ Freeware, LLC
548 Market St #44979
San Francisco, California 94104
Phone: (916) 790-6377
Email: Free Opener Support
Online Support
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Download and Install Free Opener?
Follow this link to the download and the instructions for installation.
Download Free Opener Now
How Do I Open a File with Free Opener?
  1. Open Free Opener.
  2. Click "File" and then "Open".
  3. Navigate to the file you want to open. Click on the file to highlight it and then click "Open". If the file is supported it will open in Free Opener.

Is My File Supported?
You can see the file extensions that Free Opener supports here:
Do I Need a Serial Number?
No, Free Opener is 100% free software and does not require any serials.
How Do I Print?
If printing is available for the extension it will be clickable below "File" in the task bar. Unfortunately, we do not currently support printing from all file extensions. We hope to support all file extensions in the future.
How Do I Uninstall?
To uninstall Free Opener click the "Start" button, click "Control Panel", and then click "Programs" and "Programs and Features". Select "Free Opener" and click "Uninstall" to complete the process.